About Us



spirited and spiritual. a ball of energy. ambitious, analytical and loyal. a leader and a real team player.

the feeder, the counsellor, the one who yearns to be a wallflower (but absolutely isn`t)

lookie likey –  edina monsoon aka jennifer saunders – the funny one with the “rouched” hair



slowly but surely she will get things done.

responsible, ambitious, practical and loyal.

the details girl with a keen eye and a fast mouth.

the chef, with the mellifluous voice (sweet and syrupy) warning – don’t get between her teeth… she can bite (it`s very rare though) 

lookie likey – the dawn french of propaganda



the sensible hard worker, the knower of everything, witty (sometimes caustic).

could kill with a look (when hangry).

funny, interesting, kind and helpful.

lookie likey – alan carr (shares his sense of humour & love for adele).


simon- sagittarius

the man behind the curtain / camera.

the fabulous freelancer.

the actual wizard of propaganda.

the fixer / the joker / the all round superhero / the “care” taker and maker, who loves to make a contraption and pose for a selfie.

lookie likey – major arnold ernst toht – indiana jones