In the beginning… After lots of false starts and some… actually, loads of trepidation we are taking a deep breath ready for the proverbial leap and writing our first blog. So here we are, opening our virtual doors to welcome you into the world of Propaganda. As experienced interior designers & stylists, (with over thirty […]

The Mission

The mission Fortunately, the old adage of ‘we didn’t know we couldn’t’ came in handy in our naive freelance stylists world. It really did help us in starting a ‘proper’ business. In June 2000 we opened the doors to Propaganda and we were greeted by a bunch of like-minded and fantastic people. Our lovely supporters […]

Reloved & Recycled, The Beauty of Hiring

Back in 2020, we shared an Instagram post about the fact that since the coronavirus lockdowns dolphins had returned to the now clears water canals of Venice. We also saw in the news that air pollution in China has decreased significantly since last year (2019/2020). As awful as these circumstances were that we found ourselves […]