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Back in 2020, we shared an Instagram post about the fact that since the coronavirus lockdowns dolphins had returned to the now clears water canals of Venice.
We also saw in the news that air pollution in China has decreased significantly since last year (2019/2020).
As awful as these circumstances were that we found ourselves in, we had to see the positives that this may just have been an awakening for people.

Venice Waters
Dolphins Return

Now more than ever, in these new ‘weird’, times we need to re-think the way we live and work.
We need to reduce what we buy; support small local businesses and consider how our decisions have an effect, not just economically, but environmentally as well.
Our Industry (Media – film and television) is notorious for being wasteful.
We at Propaganda, have been trying to change this mind set for many years.
A precious prop, vital for the job in hand, gets reduced to be skip fodder for a landfill site.

So, we want to champion a new motto: Instead of ‘Buy to Return’, Let’s ‘Hire to Reuse!’ and keep businesses thriving. Taking items back to shops has a huge impact on their resources and profits and reduces small businesses like ours to a mere ‘after thought’.
It seems profit is a shameful dirty word nowadays but we ALL need to keep the wheels of industry turning and we ALL work to make a profit. We should champion each other for our successes not decry them. Feeding in to each other’s businesses keeps the economy buoyant in an honest way.

At Propaganda, we save objects that otherwise would be discarded. We store and hoard all sorts of trinkets and wares for future use. We salvage, reuse, repurpose and have taken on the mantel of refurbishing pieces to breath fresh life into them.
We are not perfect by any means, but it’s the small changes that can have a massive impact. We will be making improvements and we hope to encourage you, our customers, to consider us as a more sustainable option. We hope every production we work with will see us as the more sustainable, considered choice.

You should've seen this before

Props buying can be a tricky issue when it comes to considered ways of working. Questions such as.
‘Do we have room to store them?’ ‘What will happen to these objects after the production is over?’ ‘What packing and single use plastic will be shipped with these items we are about to buy?’ …are all issues we now have to face in the industry.
But together we think we can change this!

We have a warehouse filled with everything you need. From that bold statement pieces, to contemporary designer furniture, to the small and downright bizarre, we hearten all of you to explore our Prop House to find exactly what it is you need to bring your visions to life. If you can’t see it, then just ask…we are always here to help!

So use us to reuse! And thank you for your continued support. We genuinely appreciate every single person who uses our props and services.

Be sure not to throw your old books and magazines toward the landfill site. They can have so many other uses. They are more than just something to read in our world.

In the images below we used magazines to prop up an old vintage apothecary chest giving it that boho chic vibe and a little flash of magic.

Don't throw away mags

Placing this miniature book under one of our rickety antique milking stool gave it the stability we needed for a lovely little quirky shoot we did together at Propaganda.

Tiny books have different uses

A great example of someone who re loves, reuses, recycles and up styles is @pearlowe
Customising and creating her own clothes and interiors, Pearl is known for the vintage inspiration and faded glamour.
Here she has re-purposed one of our much-loved props.
Our old vintage French bed.
We were thrilled to see it go to a good home and especially one as stylish as this.

Image © @pearllowe instagram.

Another favourite of ours…
Clearly, a passionate recycler and doesn’t she do a fabulous job of it?
Who would’ve thought putting plant stands on the table as a centre piece was even a thing?
Seeing the angle to repurpose and remake something rather uninteresting look fabulous is a real skill. Sarah manages to do this effortlessly.
Trust us, it is not easy to pull these ideas off.

©@sarahmoorehome instagram images

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