The Mission


The mission

Fortunately, the old adage of ‘we didn’t know we couldn’t’ came in handy in our naive freelance stylists world. It really did help us in starting a ‘proper’ business.
In June 2000 we opened the doors to Propaganda and we were greeted by a bunch of like-minded and fantastic people.
Our lovely supporters and the shear grit & determination carried us through those early years.
Well, that along with bundles of passion about the industry we were in.


We were on a mission. And that mission was (still is), to be the best, to travel all over the UK and beyond, bringing one off pieces, vintage finds, recycled, up cycled along with modern artwork to our warehouse with, (we hope you’ll agree), a great service.

We really didn’t know then, what a roller coaster ride we had let ourselves in for!

In the twenty odd years we’ve been in the business we’ve been lucky enough to cater for many small, medium and huge brands, films and fabulous TV dramas. BAFTA winning designers, buyers & all types of creatives who come through our doors.

Our customers come in to treasure hunt. Scouring the shelves to find the little (and the big things) that add that extra something to make their set different and complete.

As we are experienced stylists & buyers, we also do our fair share of prop gathering and styling for our clients. We love being part of this process with them.


Along with many businesses we know how Covid has taken it’s toll on our industry. We’ve tried our best to keep buckled up and firmly fastened in to our rollercoaster seats.

We are a company brimming with creativity so we’ve decided the time is right (if not now, then when?) to put some of our artistic skills back in to practice.

We have been inspired by our customers asking for commissioned artwork for their projects.

For a little taster of what we do, you can browse our “shop with us” section on the website for artwork & prints.
Some of these pieces of art may have been shown on drama’s and TV commercials.

You can select creations from a group of artists we work with.
If you’ve got your eye on something a little special, you’ll be able to purchase a piece or two of our artwork for a gift or even your own home.

So, we welcome you in and look forward to you joining us on our journey.

Tracey and Lisa THE MISSION

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