In the beginning...

After lots of false starts and some… actually, loads of trepidation we are taking a deep breath ready for the proverbial leap and writing our first blog.
So here we are, opening our virtual doors to welcome you into the world of Propaganda.

As experienced interior designers & stylists, (with over thirty odd years’ experience, in the industry (yes we know we cant believe its been that long either)and a couple of awards along the way, we are used to helping others to promote their businesses, brands and services. It’s what we feel comfortable and passionate about. Us stylists eat sleep and breathe all things design. Searching high & low for anything that adds personality and a pinch of soul to a project or image.


Our position has been firmly behind the scenes (which has been just the way we’ve liked it). Working alongside the UK’s most loved retailers, helping with branding, directing
When it comes to promoting our own little independent company though, it’s a completely different story.
It really does feel like we are learning to walk & talk for the very first time!
The insecurities we harbour of ‘who the hells going to be interested in reading about our story’ has been raising its head. You all know how “us creatives” are way too sensitive at times.

But we are taking a deep breath and getting out of our comfort zone to welcome you all into our new website and showcase what we can do & what we can supply to you at our interior emporium of a prop house.

For those who don’t know much about us, we started Propaganda 21 years ago when the local and well-loved prop house “Glina” closed its doors. All of us interior stylists panicked when that happened. So, a small group of us decided to put our heads together to find a solution.

We started off as the “prop shop” in a building the size of a double garage. It was only supposed to be a place for us to store a few of our own props. Gathering bits and bobs to help us with our work as freelance stylists after Glina had closed its doors.
It wasn’t long after that the prop ‘secret’ got around.


Other stylists (who are experts at sniffing out hidden gems) started asking us if they could hire from us.
Our ‘little’ side project was about to take off.
And then… just like that, we ended up with a warehouse in Daisy mill with over 6,500 sq feet of space.
At first, this was just a huge empty place full of character and Manchester charm. With stanchions and a wooden floor, this massive space was somewhat daunting.

It wasn’t long before our love of collecting & interior styling filled the old mill with contemporary crafts, exciting flea market finds, artwork (old & new) and one off handmade pieces.
And that… as they say, is how it all began.


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